Patrol Safety

In its 75 year history, the School Safety Patrol® program in Manitoba has seen many changes and improvements to ensure the uniforms meet the highest possible safety standards.

Based on extensive research into Canada’s national safety standards, CAA Manitoba and  Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) are once again making improvements that will ensure all students and Patrollers are safe on their way to and from school and while on duty at busy intersections.

Beginning in the 2011/2012 school year, the current orange School Safety Patrol vests will be replaced with florescent yellow/green vests of a similar style. Patrol flags will remain orange.

While the orange colour vest still meets national safety standards, we have received direction from the RCMP and Winnipeg Police Service that the orange colour will be phased out and replaced with the new florescent yellow/green for all workers in traffic environments. The School Safety Patrol program will follow suit, initiating a three year roll-out of the new vests. Your school division can inform you when your school is slated to receive the new coloured vest.

We acknowledge that motorists are used to watching for the familiar orange safety patrol vests. CAA Manitoba and Manitoba Public Insurance will also be educating the general public to ensure all are aware of the improvement.

As Manitobans we know that winters here are cold. The question is often asked when schools, should not put School Safety Patrols outside due to these extreme temperatures. While it is up to the school’s discretion, we generally recommend not having patrols go out when it is -27 degrees Celsius with the wind chill or colder.