Frequently Asked Questions

The CAA School Safety Patrol® program works to secure safer school zones in Manitoba

Who is responsible for training the Patrols at my school?

If your school is within the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Police Service will come to your school to train your CAA School Safety Patrols. You should already have a constable assigned to your school. If you aren’t sure who your constable is, or if you are a new school with a new program, contact our School Patrol Coordinator and they will get you in touch with the appropriate officer.

If your school is in Brandon or Morden, your local Police Service will come to your school to train your CAA School Safety Patrols. If your constable hasn’t reached you yet, please contact our School Patrol Coordinator and they will put you in contact.

If your school is in a rural area, RM or a band-operated reserve, the local RCMP detachment is your best resource for training. Local fire detachments or police are also good to contact. If you’d like to organize training for your school, please contact our School Patrol Coordinator and they will assist you in finding a resource.

Please note: It is important that CAA School Safety Patrols have a voice of authority OR a trainer with traffic safety expertise OR a figure of authority, ideally with education or traffic safety experience training them. When questions or concerns arise, the best person to contact is the trainer, as their knowledge and experience can help suggest a solution.

How many vests and/or flags do I need?

The number of vests and flags required is different for every school. As a general rule of thumb, ensure you have enough vests to outfit the number of patrols on ACTIVE duty at any give time (i.e. on the street), plus a few extras as spares. When ordering, ensure to subtract the number of current vests on hand from the overall total required.

We generally discourage the “one vest for every Patrol” system, as sharing supplies is part of learning responsibility: a key objective of the program. However, we do appreciate the many different systems at each school. Please be patient with us as we try to understand the system you have chosen to implement, so we can assess your supply needs.

If properly stored, CAA School Safety Patrol vests should last five years and flags should last three.

Vests should be kept on hangers or hooks and flags should be rolled up and properly stored to prevent wear and tear to the material.

Supervisors should have enough vests and flags for the number of patrols on duty each day plus a few extras. There is no need for each student to have their own vest and flag.

Please remember that ALL supplies are provided FREE of charge to almost 7,500 CAA School Safety Patrols by CAA Manitoba; please be respectful of this and do not order beyond your needs.

Do you provide rain coats?

We are happy to now offer rain jackets to CAA School Safety Patrols in Manitoba. You are able to order a maximum of two rain jackets each year.

While wearing the rain jacket, no vest is needed. These adhere to the CSA Standards on their own.

Why is there a deadline for ordering?

Supply order submissions are received at end of the school year. All orders are packaged during the summer break with the goal of delivering your supplies prior to the beginning of the school year.

Any orders received during the school year are not guaranteed, as orders filled are reliant on surplus.

When projecting order supplies we look at the Patrol Census numbers you provide to us at the beginning of the previous school year.

We understand that things may change with throughout the year. Additional Patrols may join the team and uniforms and equipment may experience wear and tear. Any orders received after the June deadline, however, may be subject to a delay in delivery.

When can I expect my order to be filled?

Your order will be filled during the summer break. Orders received throughout the year are filled on the 15th of each month, based on supply available.

How will my order be sent to my school?

If your school is in:

  • Winnipeg School Division
  • Seven Oaks School Division
  • Pembina Trails School Division
  • Louis Riel School Division
  • River East Transcona School Division
  • St. James – Assiniboia School Division
  • Brandon School Division

Your order will be sent to your divisional office. From there, they will distribute the packages to your school.

Otherwise, your order will be sent via Canada Post or it will be dropped off by courier at no-charge to you.

Why aren't there more incentives in Brandon and rural areas?

We are working to secure more incentives for patrols in rural areas and in Brandon. If you have any ideas, please send to

During the winter months, when should we not send the Patrols out?

As Manitobans, we know that winters can be cold and we can experience some very extreme temperatures. While it's up to school division discretion, we generally recommend keeping Patrols inside when it's -27 degrees Celsius with the windchill, or colder. Similarly, if recess, or outdoor activities are suspended due to inclement weather, the Patrol program should also be suspended.

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