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    Vest and flags.

    Vests and flags are designed to last a few school years and be shared, and do not need to be replaced annually. Larger vests are available at special request. Based on the maximum number of patrols you have on duty, the maximum number you are allowed to order is 24 vests/flags.

    Maximum 2 rain jackets.

    Maximum 2 vests. Strictly for use of supervisors. No children should be wearing these.

    Patrol materials.

    All materials are provided free-of-charge from CAA Manitoba and Manitoba Public Insurance.

    Officers record book.

    School-year book of daily and monthly performance.

    Livret des officiers.
    Patrol handbook.

    Instructions for patrollers.

    Manuel de patrouille.
    Membership card.

    Identification wallet card with patroller pledge.

    Carte de membre.

    Patrol pins for patrollers.

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