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Please give the most accurate count of how many patrols are enrolled at your school. This information is used for awards and incentives throughout the year.

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Vests and flags are designed to last a few school years and be shared, and do not need to be replaced annually. Larger vests are available at special request.

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All materials are provided free-of-charge from CAA Manitoba and Manitoba Public Insurance. Hover over item name for a picture.

Quantity Item Description
Officer's Record Book (for Patrol Captains) School-year book of daily and monthly performance
Officer's Record Book (French)

Patrol Handbook Instructions for patrollers
Patrol Handbook (French)

Membership Card Identification wallet card with member's pledge
Membership Card (French)

Patrol Pins Patrol pins for patrollers
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We order the amount of supplies from overseas based on the numbers submitted to us by the assigned deadline date. Any orders received after that date are not guaranteed supplies, as they will be relying on surplus.