History in Manitoba

In 1936 at Greenway School in Winnipeg, teacher Louise Staples organized the first School Safety Patrol® team. Months later, School Safety Patrols were instated city-wide to protect pedestrians and promote road safety.

For more than 60 years, CAA Manitoba has been a proud supporter of the School Safety Patrol program. Across Canada and the United States, our support for the program reaches back even farther, all along working side-by-side with the police to ensure our streets are safe.

Twenty years ago, CAA Manitoba joined forces with Manitoba Public Insurance to become partners on the School Safety Patrol program in Manitoba. In working together, we have been able to strengthen and grow the program in our Province.

The School Safety Patrol Program celebrated its 75th anniversary in the 2011-2012 school year. This milestone was celebrated by many events throughout the year, including the School Patrol Parade and School Patrol Olympics, featuring Olympic gold-medalist, Jennifer Botterill.

During the same year, the program made its most significant change in its history: the switch to yellow/green vests from the traditional orange to meet new Canadian Safety Standards.